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THE TECHNICIAN IN SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENTis the professional who develops computational systems using development environments and specific programming languages.Assists in dimensioning requirements and functionalities in systems projects.Performs functional testing of computer programs and applications.Performs maintenance of computer programs. Models, implements and maintains databases. This course lasts 1 year and 6 months.


Labor market
companies and systems development departments in governmental and non-governmental organizations, and may also work as an autonomous professional.

  • Nursing

    Period:Afternoon - 40 places

THE NURSING TECHNICIANis the professional who works in the promotion, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of health-disease processes. Collaborates with meeting the health needs of the patient/client, family and community, in all age groups.It develops education actions for self-care, as well as work safety and biosafety in nursing actions.It promotes actions to guide and prepare the patient for exams. Performs nursing care, such as: dressings, administration of medications and vaccines, nebulization, invasive procedures, anthropometric measurement and verification of vital signs, among others.Provides nursing care to clinical and surgical patients at any stage of the life cycle. Participates in a multidisciplinary team with a critical and reflective view, acting in accordance with ethical principles. It carries out actions of citizenship and environmental preservation. This course lasts 2 years and only adults can enroll in this course.


Labor market
hospitals, outpatient clinics, clinics, companies, social services, emergency services, basic health units, the Family Health Program, home care (domicile) and long-term care facilities for the elderly.


THE WORK SAFETY TECHNICIAN is the professional who acts in preventive actions in the productive processes with the aid of methods and techniques of identification, evaluation and measures of control of environmental risks, in accordance with the Brazilian Legislation, Regulatory Norms and principles of Hygiene, Health and Occupational Safety.It develops educational actions in the area of Occupational Health and Safety. Selects, controls, guides and supervises the use of PPE and EPC.Collects and organizes information on health and safety at work. Evaluates and executes several prevention programs in OSH, including PPRA (Environmental Risk Prevention Program). Investigates, analyzes accidents and recommends prevention and control measures. This course lasts 1 year and 6 months.

Technological Axis:SAFETY

Labor market
public and private companies, such as industries, hospitals, commercial companies, mining, civil construction and rural areas.


THE HUMAN RESOURCES TECHNICIANIt is the professional who has the ability to mediate the interpersonal and ethical relationships of an organization. It is qualified to work in the execution of personnel administrative routines based on the Labor and Social Security Legislation.It assists in the control and evaluation of management subsystems and contributes to the implementation of organizational strategies. It is committed to human development, manages personnel, promotes training actions, identifies and suggests a benefit plan. It describes and classifies jobs, applies questionnaires and processes information about workers.Acts in the recruitment, selection and integration processes, advises on labor relations and performance evaluation systems.Provides oral and written communication, leadership, motivation, team building and personnel development services with commitment to simultaneous individual and group growth. It carries out entrepreneurial actions and guidance processes on the importance of safety at work and occupational health. It proposes positive relationships conducive to the organizational climate and social responsibility to different audiences. This course lasts 1 year and 6 months.


Labor market
Public, private, mixed and third sector organizations or as freelancers and consultants.

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