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Antônio Furlan was born on May 19, 1931, in Tatuí, to Gabriel Furlan and Maria Amália. Married to Dona Beatriz Dias Furlan, with whom he lived for 62 years, he had the privilege of having five children: Rubens Furlan, Celso Furlan, Antônio Furlan Filho, Cleide Furlan and Sueli Furlan.
He moved to Barueri/SP in 1966, when he was transferred by the São Paulo State Military Police to the 14th Metropolitan Military Police Battalion, a corporation he served for more than 20 years until his effective retirement.
Antônio Furlan was an example of a competent, honest professional, an excellent public servant who dedicated his life to serving the community in which he worked. He closely followed and effectively collaborated with the development of his neighborhood and the city of Barueri that he loved so much.


An irreproachable citizen, faithful servant of God, cooperator of the Christian Congregation Church in Brazil where he always testified his faith throughout his life, leaving marks that will never be erased.
He loved and served without reservation, he had a special way of taking care of everything and everyone. Their children were educated in the precepts of morality, love, solidarity and dignity. With his life example, he became a reflection for his family and for those who admired him, leaving a legacy of life to be followed.


Even weakened, due to serious health problems, he never failed to fulfill his duties as a man of faith, family father and faithful performer of his military activities. Sadly, he passed away on February 13, 2013, leaving behind his children, wife, 14 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and many friends and admirers. In addition to his name at the Etec Antônio Furlan technical school.


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